About us

Who are we?

Magnus Group is composed of an inventive, professional team of individuals who have banded together out of their mutual love for creating awesome things in the digital world.

We’re a progressive full-service agency, offering a variety of skills.

With our talented team of developers, designers, marketers and strategists, there’s no job too complex for us to handle! The brands, websites and campaigns we help create are perfected at every angle, and optimized for both online and offline marketing.

We work with companies of all sizes –

- From the biggest mega-corporations to shiny new start-ups. Our passion is the growth of your business, big or small, and from anywhere in the world!

We’re campaign-building gurus.

Not only do we craft amazing applications, but we have the marketing strategy finesse to make your campaign a success! You can trust in our team of experts to get your name out there, get recognized and get business.

Our passion knows no borders.

At Magnus Group, we don’t believe in limitations. That goes for geographical location, too! With clients from every corner of the globe, working remotely is an everyday occurrence. If meeting in person isn’t possible, let’s have a chat over Skype!

We believe in accountability.

Strong leadership, organization and task management are cornerstones of every project we undertake. We closely monitor team progress every step of the way, maintaining great communication, deadlines and milestones. You’ll be kept up to date on all of our progress, ensuring that the end result is exactly how you envisioned.

Let’s make the world a better place!

Are you involved with a non-profit organization or other charitable cause? Give us a shout! The world needs more superheroes, and we’re always interested in helping great causes find their audience.

In the end, your satisfaction is our top priority.

There is always an end goal in mind with every project we undertake. Whether its views, visits, clicks or sales, we know what really matters when everything is said and done. Results you can count on – literally. We’ll work together with you to determine the numbers you want to see, and how to get there.


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