We created a site that offers a pleasant user experience through beautiful design, easy navigation and responsive UI. The color scheme of the site mimics the logo and is fresh, stylish and modern while allowing the jewelry to really take the spotlight. A lot of white space was utilized to keep it looking clean and simple. Menus were categorized and sorted with advanced filtering options to allow for easy navigation through their large range of products. Embedded videos and access to social media accounts were included to increase user engagement and brand positioning. The site’s design and interface makes it simple to find a desired product and complete the purchase.



Design a user friendly online presence to showcase their beautiful product photography
Develop a simple eCommerce platform that customers can easily use to purchase their jewelry online
Promote Capuccine’s brand vision and company culture
Incorporate multi-channel access for better branding

As a result

Capucinne Fine Jewellery
Web design, Development, E-commerce

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