Innovative Calendar

With our innovative calendar, you can take full control of your legal practice at just the touch of a button. Manage workloads, integrate with your legal network and communicate seamlessly with ease.


Efficiency at Its Core

The entire calendar system has been carefully developed with many legal professionals having an input as to how their work lives can be streamlined. Every function, process and aspect of the calendar has efficiency as its primary objective.
- Open appointments, tasks and client cases directly from your calendar
- Share important information with your legal network
- Create shared calendars for faster processing and complex cases
- Intuitive reminder system that prioritises workload according to deadline


Connect your calendar to third party calendars such as MS Exchange Calendar, Google Calendar, iCloud etc. Using our calendar means all your information will be stored and accessible in one place for convenience, any changes you make will be synchronized with corresponding calendars in real time, so you never miss a thing. Enhanced further by our mobile app which allows you to manage your workload on the go from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Fully Integrated

The calendar is fully integrated with the rest of the platform, this means by opening a case within the calendar you will have all related documentation attached to the case with just the click of a button. You can even link related calendar events such as court dates or mediation appointments. No more digging around for client files they are all easily located via the calendar system.


Once a task has been completed you can automatically invoice or bill those hours. Track time spent on tasks, manage workflows and monitor KPIs. Everything you need to do to further your business will be highlighted with in the calendars bespoke reporting system.