Case and Client Management

Using our legal software, you will have every client’s case catalogued in the correct place with all their case details easily accessible.


Case Management

This alleviates the need to waste time tracking down and manually organising client information and case details, giving you a fluid and straightforward system that you can rely on. All the details are accessed through a single interface that allow you to find contact information, correspondence, case entries, tasks, case events and details pertinent to supplying your client with the best possible service.

Add, Log, Save

What’s more, you can add, log and save text, audio and video files with our unlimited document storage facility.

Bespoke Software for the Modern Legal Professional

Unlike other cloud systems or management software we have created Magnus Law Platform with law professionals strictly in mind. That means our software seamlessly works with you during your day to day duties. From our case interface you can access related persons, client information and any legal precedents attached to the case. It also works alongside you by providing invoicing, agreed rates and billing information to ensure you are always charging the right client the right amount. Importantly, it ensures you’re always paid on time!

Activity Tracking

It has an interactive feature that allows for activity tracking to apply proper hourly rates; of course, in some circumstances you may need to adjust these manually and this can be done with a few simple clicks.

Meet your standards

All this information is held securely and in a compliant manner to make sure your books and case details are demonstrably up to standard.