Magnus Conflict Search

With Magnus software you will never have an issue where conflict of interest arises again. With a smart system and accurate information recorded throughout you can do a conflict search instantly with just a simple click of a button.


Magnus One-Click Conflict Search

Ordinarily a conflict check can take a while, especially if you have information saved across a number of servers or different areas. With Magnus all of the information is held securely on a blockchain and in one place. That means that you can type a name (or even a partial name) and click to search for an instant result.

Search Across the Entire Magnus Platform

Our one-click search doesn’t limit the search to just your client records, it will scour emails, appointments/calendar information and every other aspect of the Magnus platform to discern whether or not there is a conflict of interest. This is made even more impressive by the fast search response time that will group and categorise all search results.

Smart Search Results

The search results will be displayed in priority order, these can then be filtered further if need be. For example; you may be dealing with a custody case and you can narrow your results down to find that case type specifically. All of the results are accessible with a further click and can be viewed, assessed and discarded from searches easily.

Export to PDF

Once you have your results you can export the results to PDF and save the search to the case file if required. You can even export the results to an excel spreadsheet if you wish to amend or edit the information garnered. All of the search results are shown at the correct permission level, so if someone conducting a search does not have permission to view a file it will display the conflict but with restrictions on access to the actual file.