Manage contracts with ease and simplicity across your network

Magnus Digital provides a platform for contract management allowing universal functionality to draft, redline, sign and seamlessly manage contracts internally and externally with third parties.


Automated Contract Templates

Automatically generate new contracts with a simple click and update everyone with the latest version in moments.

Contract Version Control

Comprehensive formatting allowing you to view contracts in chronological order and transition between the current contract and a previous version with ease for comparison.

Accurate Contract Comparison

Full auditing of amendments, providing a comprehensive comparison of changes between one contract and the next one. Complete the process with precision and speed without worrying that you have overlooked a change regardless of the complexity or length of the contract. Navigate effortlessly between single amendments or categorised group changes, covering everything from simple punctuation to complex alterations that substantially change the nature of the contract.

More than Words

Functionality is at the heart of Magnus Digital’s contract platform, with tools for smart editing and styling to create full integration and accurate formatting of text and paragraphs. Everything you would expect is here with hundreds of fonts, ability to add links, images and diagrams. All free and built into the package.

Unparalleled Access

Fluid access to create, revise and edit your documentation across digital platforms. Functionality is unaffected even if there is no connection. Use your smart phone, tablet, laptop and computer to access important documents wherever and whenever.

No More Hitting the Save Button

Auto save functionality records and stores information as you type in the background with no need to save. Revisions and additions are all tracked allowing you to revisit a previous version at any point. All versions are tracked with author name and date and time for further ease of access.

Unrivalled Security

Magnus Digital operates from a completely secure infrastructure that uses the latest tech developments to protect your data and information. From end to end encryption to comprehensive management and allocation tools, the platform works with you to mitigate risk and proactively functions to keep your firm compliant.