Magnus has an innovative and accessible document management system that allows you to create an entire electronic filing database for your law firm. It is simple to use and seamlessly integrates with wider Magnus software and third-party software, giving you the opportunity to attach documents to specific cases, track, amend and store them securely.


Fully Integrated Smart Doc Management

Using Magnus enables you to orchestrate your entire document database from one location often with only a single click of a button. Magnus acts as an umbrella, meaning that if you use Google Drive or Dropbox with their amazing features, you can use the Magnus system to navigate fluidly between the two without needing individual platforms open separately. The Magnus platform then organizes your documentation, storing relevant information alongside client case files and synchronising frequently to ensure that all information held is accurate and up to date.

Compliant and Fully Secure, Every Step of the Way

Using the Magnus system, you can rest assured that at every juncture your information is being processed safely and securely. That means that you have complete control over user access rights and an overview of who is working on which documentation and when. The secure functionality translates across every aspect of document management, whether it be in transit or in storage. With the platform having full mobile functionality, your staff can use all the document features anywhere and anytime with complete visibility so you know who is doing what and when.

Using Magnus software allows you to:

• Track document changes and storage at the click of a button
• Control which staff members have access to files and earmark sensitive documentation for select personnel only
• Securely save and store information that is compliant with Data Protection and GDPR regulation alongside other regulatory frameworks you must adhere to
• Large files can be sent with URL links rather than email attachments for ease of access and speed
• Permission levels are fully customisable with read-only features in cases where staff should not have the right to amend documentation but may need to view it
• Smart formatting and document allocation by the Magnus system that keeps all your documents attached to a client file and where you expect them to be
• Full integration with third-party software that you can then use the Magnus system to centralise operations
• Comprehensive audits and checks at the click of a button across the entire Magnus network

Magnus Document Management Works to Make Your Life Simpler

The core values of the Magnus system are that everything is processed in a secure and safe manner and that the end user experience is enhanced for ease and convenience. This means that many functions (no matter how complex they might be) are initiated with a single mouse click and you can be automatically be notified of any changes or amendments to documents. In all, the Magnus software enables you to maximise all the resources you have available to you and manage every document correctly and with complete ease.