Magnus Emails

In an age of increasing regulation and scrutiny, it is vital that when legal professionals are communicating with their clients that they are doing it in a secure way. Traditional email methods are often lacking in basic security protocols and are easily exploited. Our secure and encrypted email system delivers a robust and safe way for you to communicate with your clients and your legal network.


Why you Should Worry About Your Emails

Emails are a by product of all of your hard work, often an email account is littered with case sensitive case information, inside correspondence between colleagues as well as emails to and from former employees. This creates an environment that can easily become a compliance nightmare and it shouldn’t take too much pressing to join the dots and see that if an email system is exploited it could cause significant damage to your company and reputation.

Smart Emailing from Magnus

With our email system you have complete control over your processes. When emailing a client about a matter, the information will not only be transmitted in a secure fashion, but it will also be logged and saved with the client file in a way that is safe and accessible for future reference and auditing purposes. A simple feature that will invariably save you a considerable amount of time organising and storing emails.

Sync with Your Existing Email

You may already use Gmail or Outlook for your emailing needs, this can all be integrated fully with the Magnus system, ensuring all sent and received emails are processed through the Magnus Digital email system and that all of the information is therefore processed and stored in a secure way.

Hierarchy of Privileges

One of the major flaws we observed with legal practices that weren’t using the Magnus system was that internally they had little or no control over who could access information, especially on an email server. With Magnus you can assign privilege levels that can be changed when required to retain complete control over who can access sensitive information and how that information is used (for example; read only).

Encrypted and Synced with Your Calendar

Email systems often operate independent calendars, this can be particularly frustrating when trying to schedule an appointment and having to double up information across two systems. With Magnus it builds a bridge between your calendar and emails so that all appointments are recorded on your calendar and correspondence is attached to that appointment. This is all completed using end to end encryption and keeps information secure.