Integrates Seamlessly with Your Business

Magnus Digital legal software works the way you want it to. With different types of services and integrations, you can connect to your chosen apps or discover new ones.


Enhanced Workflow

Our legal software allows you to improve your workflow by connecting you to essential business tools and features that will expediate tasks, avoid doubling up on data entry and streamline operational needs to boost your firm’s productivity.
We’re fully integrated with Outlook and Google to sync contacts, calendars and appointments.
This is all seamless and provides a consistent and functional overview across all platforms.

Faster Accounting

Integrate with your accounting tools and make use of the Magnus Digital software’s accounting features to ensure that invoicing, bills and credit notes are all managed correctly.

Universal Storage Control

Connect to the Magnus Digital storage facility and manage and store all files securely and compliantly from all of your data retaining platforms such as Google Drive or your servers. The Magnus Digital software always gives you easy access.

Unparalleled Collection of Legal Apps

We have an unrivalled number of legal apps and tools, boasting more than any other legal software. Expand your Magnus Digital experience by making use of apps that further improve your firm.