At the Forefront of Security – Magnus Digital

Magnus Digital has created a legal software platform that is at the pinnacle of security technology, keeping your data secure and compliant with encryption, secure access and security protocols.


The Magnus Digital platform has raised the bar for legal software.

Key to keeping information secure is staying ahead of the industry with market leading cyber-security analysis. Magnus Digital continually reviews, updates and implements security features including comprehensive vulnerability audits, ensuring that your data is protected today and in the future.

Fully GDPR compliant

The Magnus Digital software operates seamlessly within the GDPR regulatory framework meeting the standard for both data controllers and processors.

Fully Encrypted

Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest with a 256-bit encryption to ensure data is stored and moved securely.

Security at the Heart of Development

Our development process is designed with security at its core; coding quality, code reviews and internal security functions are all continually monitored and assessed. No matter how complex or technical the decision process becomes, security is always our primary consideration.

Sophisticated Product Features and Controls

Magnus legal software has role-based permissions and the ability to restrict visibility for sensitive or confidential information for staff within your firm.

Two-Step Authentication

Enable verification for every login from a mobile device.

Comprehensive Password Protection

Regular password reset functionality and password strengthening settings are all recommended and available on Magnus Digital.

Safeguards for Logins

Automatic account freeze-out in the event of too many failed logins for a duration of time that you can control.

Access Tracking

Complete overview of who has accessed the system with IP address monitoring and user details. Allowing you to monitor your software for suspicious activity.

In-depth Security Testing

Magnus Digital collaborates with a world leading cybersecurity firm that tests our software with the latest and most advanced techniques on a regular basis to ensure the platform remains secure.