Task management one of the biggest jobs in a legal firm when it comes do daily operations. Knowing who is taking responsibility for what jobs and managing calendars can be an arduous task.
With Magnus, you have a bespoke and intuitive system that allows you to regain control of your staff’s working day and prioritise jobs accordingly.
Magnus software is a universal tool that gives you the control to plan, track and collaborate effectively and efficiently with your team.


Prioritisation Is at The Heart of Magnus Task Management

From a central place of control, you will be able to allocate jobs and tasks for your personnel and monitor the time taken on those tasks.
This is a particularly useful feature as the more the system is used for task management, the more it learns about staff working practices.
The reporting system will then feedback this vital information for you to then establish where the operational duties are running smoothly and areas that can be improved.
This gives you an overview that promotes good management practices, tracking time, checklists and documentation in a single place to give you a complete 360 operational viewpoint.
Setting tasks according to priority is incredibly easy, but the system will also not let you forget about smaller non-priority tasks. Working this way enables you to get all the work completed by the correct deadline and not leave low-priority tasks in a big pile at the end.

Ease of Use Task Management

The task management system is multi-functional with one universal platform to operate from. By using Magnus task management, you can;
• Keep all work tasks in one place including conversations, interactions and documentation (no more long email chains and low-productivity meetings).
• All your staff will be on the same page, singing from the same hymn book so to speak. Knowing expectations and tasks at the outset of each working day.

Ease of Use Task Management

• Complete reporting system that feeds back areas that can be improved as well as productivity scales.
• Balancing workloads, allowing your fee-earners to generate more revenue and reduce menial workload.

Ease of Use Task Management

• Immediately see who is working on what at any given time, giving you the control to ensure that every case is run efficiently and successfully.
• Want to clear out your schedule for an important lunch? Simply drag and drop work tasks to future diaries or re-allocate it to other staff members in the same way.

Increases productivity

Magnus legal solution software is secure, compliant and gives you a single and direct point of access to promote better workplace efficiency. Simple to use and intuitive, you will be surprised at how much your firm’s operational productivity increases.