Track Time and Invoice

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things as a legal professional is looking over last months diary and then comparing it with your financial statements. So often, billable hours aren’t recorded correctly and time that you should be invoicing clients for goes amiss. Not anymore!


Record ALL Your Billable Time, Accurately

Using our software, you will be able to track time spent on cases to the nearest second. Simply start a task and start the timer. Once completed stop the timer and the time tracked will be recorded against that task. You can even have more than one timer going at the same time as you multitask across different activities and ensure that you’re compensated correctly for the work you do.

Designed to Track in a Busy Working Environment

As a legal professional you will no doubt be fielding calls, sending emails, signing documents and many other interruptions that require attention throughout an ordinary working day. This is why the multiple timer system is vital to ensuring that you are charging the right client the correct amount of money. It can be so disheartening realising that your workload wasn’t recorded accurately, and your income has been affected. With our software, that is a thing of the past.

Time Tracking on the Move

The life of a legal professional is rarely confined to the office; between court dates, client appointments and mediations there will often be times where you need to track your billable hours on the move. The mobile app gives you the same functionality as the desktop platform and allows you to start a timer from your main screen at the push of a button.

Smart Time Keeping Practices

Once you have finished a timer, the system will log the work completed in your diary against fixed parameters that you have pre-set. If you need to add information or manually add time, then this is not an issue and can be done simply from your time-tracking interface.

Immediate Invoicing

Alongside the time-tracking facility is the intelligent invoicing feature that allows you to invoice clients with a single click for the work you have tracked. You can add to an existing bill or invoice directly. Invoices are saved, can be emailed or posted and will be professionally headed with your legal practice’s brand and logo.